Gray & Graham Salon Core Values

Being Open to Growth
In order to continue to grow in our personal life and career life, we must be open to being thrown out of our comfort zone into experiences where we may fail, but learn to see failures as a new opportunity into moving forward to be the best version of ourselves.

Action is what causes motivation, not the other way around.

Transparency & Honesty, Always
It is our duty to ourselves, to our team and to our guests to show honesty, transparency in communication, and to have team-wide clarity. We know that all we have is our own words and actions, so we practice acting & speaking with true, respectful intent in the present moment. 

Maintaining a Healthy Environment
Our salon takes pride in maintaining a healthy environment as a whole. We know that to be the best and to feel the best we must go above and beyond to work as a team in maintaining cleanliness so that we are in an environment we enjoy spending the majority of our time in. We want our guests to feel like they are in the cleanest salon they have ever been in, feeling completely comfortable and relaxed throughout their entire visit. 

Being that Gray & Graham Salon is a luxury, high volume hair salon, our team is committed to holding up our reputation in providing luxury service to our guests, no matter what. We will do whatever is needed to exceed standards in making sure our guests are leaving our salon satisfied with their entire experience. 

Showing Up
When we get up in the morning, we take the time we need to make sure we are showing up in all aspects, with intention each day. We are ready to positively impact all tasks or clients that sit in our chair with confidence.