About Gray & Graham Salon

Gray and Graham Salon exists because we believe in providing every guest with a luxury service with attention to detail in a comfortable atmosphere.

We value every guest and believe in personal experiences.

Our salon creates a healthy team environment to empower women while helping them achieve financial freedom and have a balanced life.

Our Mission

Committed to providing every guest with the ultimate luxurious experience in a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere.

Why Us?

We are a 5-star luxury salon that believes the customer is not just “always right” — but is always valued, appreciated, and given personalized attention from start to finish.

Our salon specializes in quality hair cuts & hair color, balayage, lashes, and hand-tied extensions, while using only the finest products.

Every member of our team takes pride in our need to keep up with the latest tends by partaking in extensive education.

Ready to experience luxury?

Bringing luxury beauty to Madisonville, LA